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5 Wedding Planning Tricks that You Should Know About!

5 Wedding Planning Tricks that You Should Know About!

There are some details of wedding planning that brides would never even think about. These little details, although are not mandatory, are very helpful! Here are my top 5 –

    1. Watch out for your nail polish color. When working with white stationary, such as your invitations or save the dates, be sure to have either clear or light color polish. Streaks of your nail polish color will stain the paper. Try it for yourself, take a white piece of paper and try to draw a line with your nail, see it?
    2. Bathroom candles. For my brides I always buy lightly scented candles to put in the men’s bathroom and the women bathroom. It might not be the first thing that your guests notice, but trust me, their senses will subconsciously pick up on it.
    3. Wrinkle release spray. My personal favorite is Downy, I consider it magic in a bottle! Not everyone is going to have an on hand steamer for your dress or your bridesmaid’s dresses, and what about groomsmen suits? This stuff is great, trust me! Not only does it work as a wrinkle releaser, it also eliminates static!
    4. Tide Stick. I have had bridesmaids spill RED WINE on their dresses, and the Tide stick saved the day!
    5. Body odor quick fix. For those stinky underarms on your wedding day, rubbing alcohol or antibacterial wipes are the way to go! I actually learned this from my maid of honor who is a model and she swears by it. Now it’s my go-to as well!


Post Wedding Thoughts

Happy 2017 Everyone! Now that my wedding is over I can finally say that “I have been in your shoes and walked a mile”. The verdict is…it’s a lot easier planning someone else’s wedding than your own. Why? It’s simple, when you plan someone else’s wedding there are no feelings involved. You are looking at things with an open mind, you are not driven by emotions and personal relationships. Here are some of my post wedding thoughts and lessons that I learned while planning my own wedding and I hope these tips will help all of my brides keep their spirits high when the time gets tough!

  1. Don’t settle. I keep saying that to all of my brides but I almost settled on my own wedding venue, and I am so happy that I didn’t. If it was for any of my clients I would have done everything in my power to bring their vision to life, so why wouldn’t I do it for myself right? You get tired of looking and trying to find something that you don’t even know exists. Well keep looking, because unless your venue is everything that you have ever wanted and is in your budget, please please please don’t settle.
  2. Don’t let the sparkle lure you to go over your budget. There are so many wedding ideas that make you go WOW, unfortunately everything comes at a price. Take a day or five to look at your overall vision for your wedding day and decide if it’s really worth it, if it is, then where are you willing to cut back to stay on target?
  3. Outside opinion. You will be faced with so many outside opinions that will swing you one way or another, but sometimes it can be a good thing. The second you ask someone for their opinion is the same second you usually know what you want to hear, so why not follow your gut feeling?
  4. Details matter but don’t go overboard. For our wedding day I had a million details that I wanted to bring to life but then I knew that with more details came more risk of something going wrong so I cut all of my ideas in half because I simply didn’t want to worry about it. Pick the one’s that matter to you the most and don’t add extra stuff to your plate.
  5. Let your future husband be in charge. You might think that he can’t handle it, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Assign some of the responsibilities to your future husband and let him handle some of the wedding planning.
  6. Don’t lose your patience with your loved ones, particularly your mom. No matter what, your loved ones want the best for you, but sometimes it’s pretty frustrating when you are told what to do. Keep an open mind, weight out your options, and move forward with whatever you think is best for you and your fiancé.
  7. Wedding dress. Please do not spend what you cannot afford. Yes, your wedding day is going to hold a special place in your heart, yes you want to fall in love with it and look stunning, but it’s not worth spending a lot of money for something that you are going to wear only once unless you can truly afford it.
  8. Grooms gift. I had a trouble with this one because what do you give a person that has everything? Concentrate on one of his hobbies and get it personalized, done!
  9. Appreciate everything that was done for you. You should be grateful to those people that had your back throughout your wedding planning process and beyond. Let them know how much you appreciate everything that they have done for you and reward them with something special, even if it’s something simple like a Thank You card.
  10. Honeymoon. I know a lot of couples skip their honeymoon, save it for another day or put their honeymoon money to a better use. I really encourage you to get away, even if it’s just for a couple of days somewhere inexpensive. Your honeymoon shouldn’t break your budget, what it should do is give you some peace and quiet after all of your wedding planning to recap on your wedding day and appreciate the love you and your husband share. As my mom puts it, “If you don’t add extra logs to your fire, it will go out before you know it”.

Wedding Etiquette

Wedding Etiquette, your questions answered!

There are so many questions when it comes to planning a perfect wedding celebration and some are honestly your call, but there are other questions, guides, and etiquette rules that should be followed, here is my guide!

  1. Who should be the first to know about your engagement? Your parents, close family and friends of course, don’t pull the trigger and make a social media post before sharing your news with the immediate family members first.
  2. Do not forget to put city and state on your Save the Date, this will save you a ton of texts, phone calls and e-mails asking “where is the wedding?” question.
  3. Do you send a wedding invitation to someone who confirmed that they cannot attend your wedding? The answer is no, unless it’s a family member and invitation serves only as a memory token.
  4. You shouldn’t invite guests who are not invited to the wedding to your engagement party or bridal shower. Therefore, compose your actual guest list before hand and stick to it.
  5. Do I have to invite people who invited me to their wedding? If you don’t want to, you don’t have to.
  6. How do you decide who can bring a plus one? Anyone in a committed relationship married or not, should be allowed to bring a plus one. You are not obligated to invite a plus one of more casual or short term relationships, although you must be consistent and avoid making those few exceptions. If someone does show up uninvited, avoid the drama and find a place for them quickly.
  7. Kids or no kids. This one is totally up to you, just remember, if you decide to go with no kids, there shouldn’t be any exceptions except the flower girl and a ring bearer.
  8. How long do I have to send a Thank-You card? Usually not more than 3 moths, but some couples are pushing for a 6 month mark now which might make the guests wonder if they are even getting a Thank You card at all. If you are feeling overwhelmed, ask your other half for help and split the task!
  9. Cellphones. It should be obvious, but honestly a lot of people forget to silence their phones for the ceremony, if you don’t want someone’s phone ringing at your ceremony with “Turn down for what” ringtone, place a cute note somewhere asking guests to please make sure their cell phones are silenced or on vibrate.
  10. Coupe’s Shower instead of a traditional Bridal Shower. This one was the hard one even for me because I really wanted to have couple’s shower instead of a traditional women only shower. Be careful though, if your wedding is small and intimate, you might end up with a big group of people and a hefty cost.
  11. Drinking. This one should be VERY obvious but unfortunately some guests do not know their limit when it comes to alcohol. Please drink and have a good time, but please know when to stop, because no one wants to see you throwing up on the dance floor, outside in the bushes, or even in the bathroom, it’s just not a pleasant sight and trust me, people will judge.

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Bachelorette Party Dos and Don’ts

First of all, Bachelorette parties are awesome, if you do them the right way of course! There are, however,  guidelines that everyone should be aware of, and if your girls are as crazy as mine are, you need to print this blog post for them before heading out on your trip/party.

  1. DO find out what the Bride actually wants. The most important rule of planning a bachelorette party is to find out what the Bride actually wants to do. Is she adventurous, a party animal, loves outdoors, or an introvert? Once you know your Bride and know what she wants, plan accordingly. It will save you a lot of headaches and guarantees the bride’s appreciation for actually listening to her.
  2. DO NOT post embarrassing pictures on social media. I repeat, DO NOT post crazy, embarrassing pictures of the bride. Now-a-days we have our mother, future mother in law and everyone else in between as a friend on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc. Would you want your mother and everyone else to see crazy pictures of you? I don’t think so. Therefore, think twice before you post anything, and when in doubt, check with the bride to be.
  3. DO NOT hire strippers, unless the Bride absolutely wants them. What you get in the movies is not what you will get in real life and it might just be awkward for everyone.
  4. DO NOT drug the bride. This is not a Hangover trilogy, this is real life. Why would you want to put Bride’s future marriage in question? No one needs that.
  5. DO have your friends back. Do not gang up on the bride because she doesn’t want to do something. There is a way to participate in the activity and still have fun. If the Bride does not want to dance on the bar, don’t make her. And if you really want her to dance on the bar, then everyone should do it with her. It will be a fun memory and not as embarrassing.
  6. DO NOT have a “Last fling before the ring!” The rule of thumb is, don’t do something that you wouldn’t want the groom to do. How would you feel if the groom had a “Last fling before the ring?” Exactly, therefore think before you act.
  7. DO plan activities beforehand. Don’t try to just “wing it”. Have a plan in mind and make reservations ahead of time.
  8. DO have fun. Just remember that this is not going to be your last night out with your girls, so you don’t have to do anything and everything to make it count.

Wedding Day Perfection!

There are so many details and coordination that goes into a wedding that it’s easy to lose control and not fully enjoy your wedding day. This is the main reason why brides hire a wedding planner. They want to look back at their wedding day and think of how much fun it was versus the stress that took away from such a special occasion. If you are planning a wedding on your own and do not have a wedding day coordinator, there are a couple of things that you can do to make sure your wedding day is a perfection!

  1. Call each vendor before your wedding day to re-confirm all deliveries, set up, and any special details that need attention.
  2. Make sure your Maitre’d has a contact for each vendor in case there is a timeline adjustment on your wedding day.
  3. Confirm with your Band/DJ important songs for your wedding day and make sure they have the correct version of each song.
  4. Have a designated person who is in charge of your wedding license, wedding bands, and any other necessary items for the ceremony.
  5. Have an emergency contact on site who can make decisions on your behalf. Make sure your Maitre’d knows of this person and their table number.
  6. Do not overdrink. It’s your wedding day, I get it, but I can guarantee you that it’s not going to be worth it when you look at your wedding pictures later.
  7. Practice worst case scenarios in your head, this way you know how to react if something does go wrong.
  8. Have a designated person who can distribute all final payment and gratuities at the end of the wedding.
  9. Either it be you or somebody else, designate a person who will collect your card box, guest book, and any additional items after the wedding to take to your hotel, or to pass it on to your parents to hold on to.
  10. If you are going on your honeymoon the next day, arrange all of your transportation ahead of time!

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Wedding Day Drama!

You have done all of the hard work and everything is ready for your wedding day, but the stress is not over. You keep thinking of all of the things that could go wrong and that’s OK. I am guilty of this one as well, I have nightmares not only about my wedding day but my client’s as well. There are a bunch of things that can go wrong, the difference is how you react to the situation. Here is my advice for managing a wedding day crisis.

Your Make-up/ Hair Dresser is Late.  This one can be mostly prevented by scheduling your hair and make-up at least 30 minutes before your target time. At most of the weddings the bride and the bridesmaids are not ready on time as each girl needs at least an hour and a half to get ready, not an hour, and if you have only one makeup artist or a hairdresser for 4-5 bridesmaids, you are in trouble. Plan ahead of time and give yourself an extra room, this way if your glam team is running late or taking longer than expected, you are not stressing out. Look at it this way, if everything goes according to plan and everyone is one time, you will have extra time to snack and take pictures instead of running late.

Last Minute Cancellations: Honestly, these are the worst, but it is something that is out of your control. You should be mentally prepared for a text or a phone call on your wedding day from someone who can’t make it. Don’t get upset! I know it’s hard, but you can’t make a person show up to your wedding. If you are feelings hurt then you should discuss this privately with your guest AFTER your wedding day. There is no need to bring this up at the wedding with other guests.

Your Divorced Parents are not Getting Along. Ask your fiancé to talk to your parents. If you do it then you will get emotional and upset, and no one wants to see an angry/upset bride. For some reason when someone other than the bride expresses a concern or makes a comment to the parents, it is very effective. It’s your wedding day and you deserve enough respect for any of the issues that your parents might have with each other to be put to rest, at least for one day. Just please make sure not to sit these two together.

You are Missing Something. This is not the worst, but is very annoying. Provide your parents or maid of honor with the list of things to have on hand, this is also called an emergency kit. An emergency wedding day kit should include wet wipes, lotions, Pepto Bismo, Advil, breath fresheners, dental floss, bandaids, scissors, facial tissues, bobby pins, sanitary napkins, hair spray, clear nail polish, nail filer, deodorant, mini sewing kit, scotch tape, tide stick and a small snack. The best part about an emergency kit is that everything is travel size. If there is something that you still need, ask the venue, I am sure they have seen it all and will be able to provide whatever assistance you need.

You are Stressing about the Little Details. There are some brides who have a LOT of small wedding day details. If you are one of those brides and your venue has other weddings going on that same day, I suggest you pick your battles wisely and cut your “must do” list in half. The more small details you have, the greater the possibly that something will go wrong. What might seem like great idea at first, might actually end up being a total disaster. If you like something to be very particularly placed, stage it at your home and take a picture and provide the picture to your wedding day coordinator so they know exactly what you envisioned.

Crisis at the Ceremony. You forgot your vows, or your groom went totally blank on you. Things happen, laugh it off, make something up and keep going. I guarantee you, no one will even notice the hiccup, and if they do, everyone will laugh with you.

Know How to Recover. At the end of the day, anything can happen. It’s how you and your fiancé are going to handle the situation. If you laugh it off, everyone else will too. If something happens, oh well, there are certain things you cannot control. Your wedding day is about celebrating the love you and your fiancé share, so focus on that and you are guaranteed to have the most amazing wedding day celebration!

Tips for Throwing an Amazing Party at Home!

How many times did you want to host a party at the comfort of your own home/apartment, but thought of everything that goes into hosting and scratched the idea? Well, it really doesn’t have to be as stressful as you might think. Here are a couple of hints to help you throw an amazing party and leave you with energy to socialize and actually have fun!

Clear out your space! Any furniture that is not going to be used needs to be removed or at least pushed out of the way. Last thing you want is a cluttered space where your guests can’t move around. Remove other unnecessary items from the room, air out your space and light up some candles to create a cozy atmosphere. Just remember, scented candles should not be used around food, save them for the bathroom and pair with some fresh flowers. Also, don’t forget to take out trash and clean out your dishwasher, this will make your clean up a lot faster.

Prep ahead. Don’t go crazy trying to come up with a complicated menu, think simple. Everyone loves to nibble on simple things like a cheese platters, dip and chips and etc., so lay these out before your guests arrive, this way everyone can have something with their drink and you can spend some time socializing. Pre-cut whatever you can a night before, this way you are not exhausted the day of your party. Be careful with hot appetizers, as these go cold very fast and are ideally served when everyone is already present. Save these hot appetizers for last and don’t forget to set a timer, otherwise you will most likely forget about your oven. Last, but not the least, don’t be ashamed of catering! A lot of energy goes into prepping food for the party, and sometimes, it’s just better to have some things (if not everything, depending on how many people you are having) catered. Simple precut platters can save a lot of time and energy too!

Look Presentable. No one wants to see a messy hostess, allow yourself enough time to take a shower and have a drink BEFORE the guests arrive. Turn on some music, sit down for a couple of minutes and enjoy, because that is what it is all about!

Skin and Make-up Tips for your Big Day!

Everyone wants to look flawless on their wedding day, but don’t just count on your make-up artist. There are a couple of things you can do as well. Here are some fool proof ways to look and feel absolutely stunning on your wedding day!

Take care of your skin: I don’t have to tell you to drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, and cut back on any of the processed foods that you are tempted to consume before you big day, you already know all of that. What I am going to tell you is to schedule a professional facial at least a month before the big day. An experienced aesthetician can really make your skin glow and recommend products to use before and after your wedding day to keep you glowing.

Another part of your body to consider, especially if you have a sleeveless dress, are your elbows! Exfoliate and moisturize, because no one wants to see dry patches!

Make up trial: Make sure your make up trial is no more than 5 weeks before your wedding day. You should wear a white T-shirt for your make up trial to see what your skin looks like against a pale color. Take a picture of yourself in day light without a flash! This will show you what you will look like in the daylight when you have your beautiful gown on. If you plan to go spray tanning, make sure your make-up artists sees the color of your skin beforehand, this way there are no surprises on your wedding day!



2016 Wedding Trends!

Is anyone else as excited for 2016 wedding season to start as I am? I think I am the most excited because this year the hottest wedding trends are so dear to my heart. I am talking about glitter and shimmer invitations, metallic decor, accents on lighting, simple but absolutely gorgeous centerpieces, amazing looking food that you almost feel bad about eating, and of course wedding gowns…let’s begin!

Glitter and Shimmer! Let’s start out with the invitations, did anyone else notice how everything is shimmer, glitter and sparkle this wedding season? I believe that there is nothing better to set the mood for a party than a little sparkle that really does go a long way.

Metallic Décor. Just like my fiancé puts it, I am the queen of gold. I don’t know what it is and when it started, but there is something about the metallic décor that is so timeless. You can add a little metallic touch to whatever theme you are working with and it will instantly brighten up the room.

Accent Lighting. This is an absolute room transformer! Have you ever looked at the pictures with centerpiece spot lighting and the ones without? How about couple’s first dance under a beautiful chandelier that leaves you in awwwww because it sets romantic ambiance of the whole wedding? Oh, and let’s not forget gobo projector lighting that can create out of this world textured wall illusion of a beautiful space even though you are pretty much looking at the plain wall? I am so happy and excited that this season we are finally going to have something more than just the color up lighting!

Blooms! What is a wedding without flowers? Flowers everywhere please! This year is all about fresh cut free-form arrangements. So don’t be surprised to see a flower misbehaving in the floral arrangement, this year’s blooms are wild and free, forget the big extravagant centerpieces!

It’s almost too good to eat! What else do people get excited about besides alcohol at a wedding? Good food, of course! This year’s trend is all about simple farm to table dishes that are full of flavor and look almost too good to eat!

Wedding dresses! Ladies, I love lace but it’s time to let it go, at least for a season…This year’s trend is all about the three dimensional details, open back, Angelina Jolie leg slit, long sleeves, and of course illusion neckline.  This year’s wedding gown trends are guaranteed to please any style bride, and it is definitely not for the faint of heart grooms, prepare to be Wowed!

Bridesmaids Guide!

You either know who your bridesmaids are going to be or you do not even know where to begin making selections. Selecting your bridesmaids is one of the most important decisions because these girls will be with you through thick and thin. Don’t just select anyone, put in a lot of thought about what roles each of your girls will play in your wedding. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Just remember, you will be bringing in different personalities together and in order to make it work here is my helpful advice!


  1. Propose to your Bridesmaids! Ask each bridesmaid in person, maybe in a special way, if she would agree to be your bridesmaid. Don’t just assume they want to be one. Being a bridesmaid is a lot of responsibility and it is not cheap, so give your girls a courtesy of asking them and not just assuming they will be your bridesmaid.
  2. First Meeting! Make sure to get all of your bridesmaids together to discuss your wedding plans, ideas, and most importantly to bring them together. If they don’t know each other, this would be a great opportunity to introduce them. If they do know each other, then this is your chance to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  3. Set dates. Unfortunately, now a days everyone is very busy. We all have things to do, and just because you’re planning your wedding, it doesn’t mean that everyone should stop everything that they have going on in their lives. If you set dates ahead of time for your bachelorette party, bridal shower, dress shopping and etc., all of your bridesmaids will have time to plan other special events in their life and will be more cooperative and supportive when it comes to your needs.
  4. Let your bridesmaids speak. Most of the times you will get great input and advice, especially from those who are already married. Listen to what your bridesmaids have to say, you don’t have to agree but it’s important to pay attention to what they offer.
  5. Delegate each bridesmaid to an event. Did one of your bridesmaids ever mention that she really wanted to plan your bachelorette or bridal shower? If she did then let her be in charge. Having all of the responsibility lay on the shoulders of your maid of honor is a lot, and if you have a bridesmaid who really wants to plan one of the important events in your life, then why not let her do it? It doesn’t mean that everyone else cannot participate, but it just makes one bridesmaid a decision maker for the event. In order to avoid conflicts, it is always better to have one person in charge of the whole situation.
  6. Bridesmaid dress shopping! This is a hard one, even for me. Not every one of your bridesmaids is going to love her dress. Some will insist on one color, while others will encourage you to choose another. The bigger your bridal party is, the more input you are going to get on what works and what doesn’t. I think this is how a modern bride was born with their decision of each girl getting her own dress, BUT, in the color palette that the bride selects. This way you don’t have to hear how painful it is for one of your bridesmaids to wear a dress that she hates. Everyone’s body type is different, everyone’s taste is different, and it’s important to recognize that and not offend anyone. Pick something that everyone can work with and don’t stress on this more than you have to. At the end of the day, with a little make-up and hair done to compliment the whole look, everyone will look absolutely gorgeous!
  7. Take care of your bridesmaids. In order to have everyone work together, it is up to the bride to bring everyone together. Don’t forget to have fun! Plan little get-togethers to have all of your bridesmaids together once in a while and enjoy their company, because at the end of the day, that is what it is all about!