Average Wedding Cost

Average Cost of the Wedding

What is the average cost of the wedding? This is the most coveted question from the brides to wedding planners, along with “How much do you think my wedding is going to cost me?”. Well the real question is “How much are you willing to spend without breaking the bank?”. If you have a million dollar Pinterest board but your budget is $10,000 for 150 people, we will have to nail down what really matters and what we can “X” out altogether. Unfortunately I see way too many brides who are let down by the price tag of their grand ideas, but we have to be realistic here too, especially if you live in NYC, weddings are not cheap. You shouldn’t count on getting most of your money back either, you should really only spend what you can afford, and please add additional $2,000-$5,000 to that number because that’s where you will most likely end up. I highly suggest creating your budget with your fiancé and there are great websites that provide amazing and easy templates that will do all of the math for you. If you are wondering what’s the average cost of the wedding in your state, than you will love this latest article from The Knot that just came out with 2016 Real Weddings Study. Please keep in mind though, you CAN plan a wedding on a lower than the average budget for your state, and it will still be amazing, you will just have to splurge a little less and do a little more vendor research.


The National Average Cost of a Wedding Is $35,329

We just released the 10th annual The Knot 2016 Real Weddings Study, and that means it’s time to talk wedding costs and spending trends. After surveying …



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