DIY Weddings

Every bride wants to add a personal touch to their wedding day, but certain do-it-yourself details might cost more than hiring a pro. Here is my advice on what to do yourself and what to hire a pro for.

Save the Dates: You can definitely DIY and have lots of fun with it. No need for expensive stationary!

Invitations: If you are creative with Photoshop, definitely go with DIY and send your final product to the printing firm. You will save a good amount of money vs. buying ready design invitations. For those of you who aren’t that savvy with Photoshop, your best bet is to buy them.

Flowers: Unless you have a rustic theme wedding where you plan on using baby breath, sunflowers and any other low maintenance flowers, I would suggest a pro. I have coordinated weddings where couples really tried saving on their flowers and unfortunately 75% of all self-made arrangements ended up dying overnight. Flowers need proper temperature and water additives to last. My advice is to go with a pro and use local flowers that are in season to save on the cost.

Wedding planner/coordinator: You might be the most organized person on this planet but when it comes to your wedding day, please be a bride and enjoy your day. If you are running around making sure everything is being set up the way you envisioned, you are never going to get ready on time and be extremely stressed out. Leave it to the pro to bring your dream wedding day to life.

Wedding Favors: Fantastic DIY activity. Just be careful with perishable goods and make sure beforehand with your wedding venue that they allow outside food (if you are doing cookies, for example). Otherwise, you can’t get more personal than creating your own wedding favors for the guests. Tip: Invite your bridesmaids, Mom, Grandmother, etc. and make it a party! You will have lots of fun and your bridal party and family can feel involved too.

Music: Hire a pro. It might seem like a great idea to put together a playlist for your wedding day, but everyone has a different taste in music and a professional DJ can really make your wedding memorable. Also, when it comes to speeches, grand entrance and ceremony music, you want someone professional to be in charge.

Dance Lessons: I would highly suggest looking for a Livingsocial or a Groupon deal just for 1 or 2 lessons with a pro, otherwise you can’t beat YouTube. Dance lessons can cost up to $200 an hour for a couple’s first dance choreography, and most of you will need more than just one lesson. Therefore, I would suggest a DIY choreography.

Photographer: Your pictures are going to last you a lifetime, and you can’t rewind your wedding. Hire a pro! Your Uncle might be great at taking pictures but at a wedding you will often find him talking to people who he hasn’t seen in years, which runs a high probability of him missing your special moments.



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