Hot Wedding Trends of 2017

Metallic Colors – Gold, rose-gold, copper…you get the idea! Now add that splash of metallic to your color theme and pair it up with bold colors like emerald green or fuchsia pink to really make a statement.

Venue – industrial warehouses are hotter this year than they were last year! This year you will see higher-end vintage glamour and timeless pieces that will “wow” even the pickiest critique.

Color Palettes – we are still going to be working with the neutral color palettes although bolder colors are coming back, especially for the fall weddings. The “It” color of 2017? Emerald Green.


Flowers – local blooms are still in, although big, statement centerpieces are coming back strong this year. You will also see a lot of different flower varieties and more hanging décor.

Invitations – foil stamping and eye catching details, expect bold color envelopes in the mail if you are attending a wedding in 2017!

Menu – Farm to table, and it better be organic or local!

Wedding Cake – tall cakes are in, while cake pops, doughnuts and pies are slowly fading.

Drones – this year, every couple is going to be asking their photo/video team for overhead shots that capture their wedding from the birds-eye view.

Photo Credit: ZTS Photo

Entertainment – couples are not just letting their DJ’s to do all of the work anymore. They are pushing the envelope with live performances to mix in.


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