How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Once your initial engagement excitement is winding down, you will start thinking about planning your perfect wedding day. Other than selecting your wedding venue or any other vendors, the first step is usually to identify your wedding day colors.

Are you one of those girls who is into everything organic, natural and don’t see yourself having a big wedding? Or are you one of those girls who wants to have top of the line décor and the most ultimate wedding experience with over 300 guests? You might be even someone who is in between. Whichever girl you identify with the most, the questions still stands, how to choose your wedding colors?

In what season do you plan on getting married? Each season has its own colors that complements Mother Nature. Red in the summer looks a little “heavy”, while red in the fall brings out the yellows and the oranges of the leaves. You see where I am going with this?

Wedding Mood. Are your going for dramatic décor? If so, then you need deep colors like royal blues, purple, dark green, gold and etc. Are you going for something more whimsical and natural? Then a neutral color palette is your best friend.

Look around you. By now you are probably following every wedding blog, and wedding designer/planner on your social media. The real question is, what exactly do you like and don’t like? Go back to your likes on Instagram and see which pictures you liked subconsciously. What colors do you love? What attracted your eye and made you go “WOW”. Look around your house, what colors make you happy?

Pinterest. Start saving all of your wedding inspirations. See if you feel the same about the photos that you liked 2-3 months from now. Tastes change and you might love blush and gold now but may hate it 2 months from now. Your florist can always tweak around and find the perfect balance, so don’t settle for anything that you are not happy with.

Don’t stress yourself out. Wedding planning is overwhelming and you don’t have to do everything in one week. Take your time and let the vision come to you. You never know, you might find it in the most unexpected places!