Survival Guide for a Perfect Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, and not because of the presents, but because of the celebration of Love! Here is the survival guide for a perfect Valentine’s Day!

  1. Plan ahead. If you are just starting to look for a place where to take your significant other on Valentine’s Day, you might be out of luck because restaurants get VERY busy. So if you happen to find yourself scrambling to find a last minute reservation, it might be the right time to move on to plan B!
  2. Plan B. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be celebrated at a restaurant, although it is unacceptable to make your significant other cook that day, unless they absolutely want to. So men, it’s time to find your apron and put together a simple menu for the night. May Pinterest help you find something easy and delicious to make, and please don’t forget about the candles and wine!
  3. Plan C. In case your significant other works late and an intimate dinner is not an option, how about a nice breakfast? What could be better than starting off your morning with your significant other and a cup of coffee? Even if you are a horrible cook, this gesture will be highly appreciated and if you add flowers, your sweetheart is going to have a perfect beginning to the day!
  4. Plan D. I keep writing about food – I guess love and food go hand in hand. Just in case plans A, B and C fail or is not an option, or your sweetheart lives miles away, I did come up with a last resort – order delivery. If your significant other doesn’t do breakfast and you guys are not seeing each other later on in the evening, there is still a way to make him or her smile – consider food delivery. You probably know what your valentine’s favorite food is, so why not surprise them with a prepaid delivery to home/work? It’s a cute surprise, it is very thoughtful, and no one that I know ever said no to a delicious lunch/dinner delivered directly to them.
  5. Fun Valentine’s Day Activities: Now, if you are lucky enough to spend your Valentine’s Day with your significant other, and I hope that is the case for the most of us, there are a bunch of activities that you can do which won’t break the bank.
  6. Wine and Paint! This is last year’s trend that is still a hit. You will be guided with step by step instructions on how to create your own masterpiece, in addition to drinking wine most places will allow you to bring snacks!
  7. Cooking / Baking Class. You will enjoy this fun activity where you can have fun while creating something you most likely would have never tried at home.
  8. Beauty House Calls! Let the Salon come to you. There are so many websites such as Glam Squad and Primp In-Home that send beauty professionals to your door. The registration process takes less than a minute – all you need is an e-mail address and a zip code. My other favorite is Zeel, this website provides licensed massage therapist for on-location massage. I actually tried this one out with my husband and we were not disappointed. It’s a must try and is very romantic if you add some background music and candles!
  9. Ice Skating! Even if you can’t ice skate, you will love this fun and romantic winter activity!
  10. If all else fails. If everything seems to be going wrong, there is still hope. There are little things that you can do which will make Valentine’s Day special for your significant other. Step 1: Details. At your regular grocery store or party city, purchase Valentine’s Day paper napkins and plates. If you want to go a step further, pick up some pink and red balloons to hang from the ceiling. Step 2: Pick up some candles to make your place look and feel intimate. Step 3: Cook or order food beforehand, this way it gets delivered before your date arrives – sushi is a great option because it doesn’t need reheating. Also, don’t forget about dessert! Step 4: Clean your place and make it look presentable! Step 5: Preselect some intimate background music for your dinner, and find a couple of movie options to watch.
  11. Be Prepared. Everyone wants to feel special, so please think of a plan beforehand. There is nothing worse than showing up at a restaurant that has a 2 hour wait time, finding out that all of the tickets to the latest movie are sold out and not having a backup plan. Out of all of the date nights in the year, make sure this one is extra special!


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