Wedding Workout and Diet

Wedding Workout

All of us want to look great, and if you have something special like your wedding day to prepare for, not only do you want to look great you want to feel great as well. Unfortunately most of us have to work and finding time for a workout everyday will seem like a chore. My husband is amazing on how consistent he is when it comes to the gym, when it comes to me, not so much. He likes to workout in the evening, for me that hardly ever works because after cooking dinner I am done! So what I started doing is working out at work, I am super lucky to have gym at work but even that was a struggle at first until I went on YouTube and found 10 minute workouts. I figured that 10 minutes was better than nothing, right? So I started going to the gym at work for 30 min, I would focus on cardio for 10 minutes, weights for 10 minutes and 10 minute video that focused on different types of my body. Before I knew it, the results started to show! Everytime I felt lazy I told myself that its only 10 minutes and I do not have an excuses not to work out. Some days I didn’t feel like doing a cardio so I started viewing two YouTube videos. The best thing about YouTube is the fact that there are so many workout tutorials that I can workout out everyday and never repeat the same workout ever again. Here are some of my favorite workouts that I still do after my wedding, and I always search for more workouts to keep it fresh, because believe me, I get bored easily!

Great workouts for free on YouTube:
Fitness Blender is one of my favorite go to for 10 minute workouts, but this is my favorite workout to get toned all over:
If you are feeling complete lazy, this 3 minute workouts from Bow Flex can not be beat! Link:
Ultimate challenge workouts from Blogilates will kick your butt. I actually have a love/hate relationship with Cassey’s videos, I love her workouts but I hate pushing myself through them because it might look easy but all of those workout will leave you sore the next day, and before you know it you will keep coming back for more!  Link:

Wedding Diet

There are so many diet’s out there, the best one is the one that works for you. I knew that no matter what I did, nothing would work unless I didn’t eat past 7PM. It’s still true now, if I eat a crumb after 7PM I automatically gain weight, I really don’t know what it is but it’s a complete bummer because everything tastes better after 7PM! Another big thing is sugary drinks, I had to completely switch to water, no soda or juices what so ever, the good thing is that I actually got used to this habit and now I don’t even crave sugary drinks, although I do cheat sometimes by having a couple of sips from my husband’s glass of Sprite. Clean up your diet, but don’t cut out everything all at once making it almost impossible to succeed, do what feels right for you and baby steps is the way to go. Don’t forget though, you must work out and combine weights with cardio if you want the results of your healthy regimen to show faster.
Probiotics: no matter what you do, if you don’t have good bacteria in your stomach it will show. If you are healthy on the inside, you will look healthy on the outside. I buy non dairy probiotic products because unfortunately I break out from dairy, which leads us to your skin regiment.

Skin Care: you know better than anyone what works best for your skin, one thing that goes for everyone is exfoliation, moisturizer and SPF. I try to exfoliate every week and follow it with mud mask application. I strongly stand behind Sabon’s Mud Mask, I have tried a ton of products and this one is still my favorite. Keep in mind though, no matter how good your skin care is, if you don’t eat well and hydrate your body, no matter what you do to your skin your body will show the imperfections, so watch your diet and what causes breakouts and tired skin.

Link to Sabon Mud Mask:

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